About Us

The Estrie Regional Higher Education Hub (PRESE) was created to foster the emergence of collaborative projects between 5 higher education institutions: 

  • Université de Sherbrooke;
  • Cégep de Sherbrooke;
  • Bishop's University;
  • Champlain College Lennoxville;
  • Collégial du Séminaire de Sherbrooke.

An interface between higher education and the community

The creation of a common showcase for services to the community and experiential learning represents a key initiative for the hub.

Learning with YOU is a one-stop portal bringing together and showcasing the many community service initiatives undertaken by the 5 institutions. These services, some of which have been available for decades, are well established, but often little known. They include clinics, educational projects where students are given real-world assignments by local organizations, volunteer projects benefiting local organizations, and more.

With the Learning with YOU portal, PRESE wishes to make these services more accessible to the public.

The purpose of the portal is not to replace the respective websites of these services—which already have online visibility—but to group them together in a common showcase so as to make them more easily accessible to the Estrie population.

Your ideas are welcome!

The portal is also intended as a platform where organizations, citizen groups and individuals can suggest projects enabling the higher education community to serve the common good in Estrie.

Have ideas? Share them with us!

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