The eTick Project

Help biologists identify the different species of ticks in Canada!

A public platform for tick identification and population monitoring in Canada was launched by Bishop’s University biology researcher Jade Savage in 2017.

The emergence of Lyme disease and the fast spread of certain tick species in Canada is a source of concern for public health authorities and citizens. Monitoring tick populations over such a vast area is costly and logistically complex.

Did you find a tick? Have it identified by experts!

Your contribution matters and helps advance knowledge!

This citizen science project invites you to get involved in monitoring tick populations to develop scientific knowledge on their distribution areas in Canada. You can participate simply by submitting pictures of ticks on the website to have them identified by a professional. The website explains the simple steps to follow.

The tick identification results, combined with the data you provided (date and location of collection), are then put on a map so that you can view all submissions for one or more species at a glance for any given region and/or year.

The platform is accessible for free and you can view the data even without submitting photos.


This Bishop’s University research project is carried out in collaboration with other Canadian universities and provincial and federal public health organizations. Visit  for details.