Is your organization unable to afford the services of a consulting firm? Your project can help a team of students to hone their skills.

In the course of their college and university education, the vast majority of students must work on real-life briefs (capstone projects at the end of their programs, term assignments, etc.). This is known as experiential learning or learning in authentic situations.


Whatever the field, your needs will be analyzed and solutions proposed and/or implemented by a person or team that will be required to incorporate knowledge at the cutting edge of a given field of study. Prepare to be amazed by their dedication and creative potential!

Terms and conditions

These offerings do, of course, come with conditions and require flexibility, particularly with respect to project schedules and durations. You must also agree to assess the quality of the work completed in order to allow the faculty to assign a mark for the project. The work may in no event replace a professional opinion provided by a graduate and/or a member of a professional order.


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