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Your psychological health matters to us.

Bishop’s University psychology students and faculty work closely with community organizations in and around the Lennoxville borough to offer ad hoc workshops and activities to meet the population’s mental health and wellness needs.

Targeted users

Citizens and members of community organizations in the Lennoxville borough and surrounding area


Temporary intervention services of various durations aimed at promoting better psychological health among English-speaking and French-speaking residents of the Lennoxville borough and surrounding area. Services are provided by psychology students, under the supervision of faculty.


All services are provided in English and in French


The community services of the Mental Health and Wellness Community Center (MHWCC) welcome new requests between September and May. To make a service request, contact Catherine Malboeuf-Hurtubise, professor with the Department of Psychology, at 819-822-9600, ext. 2653, or at




All intervention and support requests begin with an assessment of the individual or organizational need and the student-faculty team’s

Examples of services

• Psychological health workshops in daycares, elementary schools and high schools

• Facilitation of discussion or support groups on various themes (bereavement, caregiving for a sick friend or relative, etc.)

• Movement therapy, yoga and meditation workshops

• Music activities for various groups (retirement homes, Scouts, etc.)

• Gardening workshops

The community services of the MHWCC are not clinical, but rather focused on prevention. They are not a substitute for professional psychology services.


MHWCC offices are located on the 3rd floor of the McGreer building on the Bishop’s University campus. In the case of activities offered to the public, we travel to the premises of partner organizations.

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Mental Health and Wellness Community Center (MHWCC) - Community Services

Coordinator: Dr. Claude Charpentier

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