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Do you work for a social organization? Do you have management challenges related to economic, environmental and social issues?

We can help you find innovative solutions and assist you in diagnosing, establishing, carrying out or adjusting your projects, practices and activities.

As part of the Centre Lemaire’s community intervention program (PIC), teams of 3rd year students in the bachelor of business administration enrolled in the course Moi, gestionnaire socialement responsable are supervised by their professorial team as they serve the community in order to meet local needs and carry out briefs for organizations with a social vocation.

With this course, the PIC seeks to develop responsible management practices; strengthen local stakeholders’ and communities’ knowledge, power and ability to act; develop social responsibility; provide training and support for social organizations; evaluate and examine the impacts of actions; and foster sustainable development and the transfer of expertise.

Almost 500 students will be dispatched each year and approximately 90 briefs will be carried out annually.

Targeted users

Social organizations in the Estrie and Montérégie regions (municipalities, MRCs, community organizations, social economy enterprises)


Work is done in teams of six students in the 3rd year of the bachelor of business administration, for a total investment of 180 work hours.

The work is credited and supervised by a qualified teacher from the school of management. The deliverable will be discussed with the project coordinator beforehand and validated by the teaching team and the student teams.


Two languages are possible:

• French (fall, winter and summer semesters)

• English (summer semester only)


The work is completed over the course of one semester, i.e.:

• Fall, winter or summer semester (in Estrie)

• Summer semester (in Montérégie)


To participate, you must become a partner of the Centre Lemaire and pay a $100 yearly membership fee. The services are free for partners, but you are responsible for reimbursing travel and material costs.


Our student teams can support you and meet various needs, such as:

• Developing responsible management tools and practices

• Making diagnoses and recommendations

• Designing and leading workshops, organizing events

• Carrying out activities and projects, setting up committees and drafting action plans

• Searching for creative sources of funding

• Structuring, organizing and leading ideation, reflection, brainstorming and other sessions

• Evaluating your actions’ economic, social and environmental impact

• Evaluating your users’ satisfaction

• Collecting, compiling and analyzing qualitative data (focus groups, interviews)

• Innovating with a view to showcasing your project, practices or region

• Leveraging student creativity in the service of your goals

• Designing, carrying out and/or supporting pilot initiatives


• Estrie (fall, winter and summer semesters)

• Montérégie (summer semester)

At your service!

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Project coordinator: Sondès Allal

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Terms and conditions
Participating organizations must designate a reference person, support the student teams in their work, and evaluate them at the end of the brief. Please note that these briefs are not internships or professional consulting services.