Build bridges between your teaching and the community.

Do you teach at a college or university in Sherbrooke? Would you like to make your teaching more concrete? Are you looking to develop a project with the community?

The Estrie Regional Higher Education Hub (PRESE) offers you the services of a social innovation broker—someone familiar with both the needs of the Estrie community and the realities of higher education institutions—who can help make your projects a reality.

Our Services

  • Alignment between your educational objectives and opportunities from the community;
  • Identification of partners and referrals;
  • Coaching to define your service proposal (duration, terms and conditions, constraints, etc.);
  • Advice on managing the expectations of the parties (student teams, teachers and organizations);
  • Talks and other forms of promotion for social innovation and services to the community, addressed to various audiences.
Contact us for coaching to develop your projects!

Miguel Aubouy

819-821-8000, ext. 62104