Interested in improving your fitness or experiencing less pain?

Get back in shape! The UdeS kinesiology clinic can help improve your overall health, prevent chronic diseases, treat your pain and optimize your performance.

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Our services are provided by accredited kinesiologists, under the attentive observation of a university student in kinesiology. Your session will help students learn and assimilate concepts seen in class.


Services in French and in English


The clinic is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Flexible scheduling may be possible, depending on specific user needs. 


Services are payable and rates vary according to the nature of the service. Members of the UdeS community (employees, students, graduates and retirees) are entitled to preferential rates. Discover services and rates.


Fitness and lifestyle

The form and duration of fitness and lifestyle services vary according to the nature of the services provided. Some assessments require minimal involvement of the subject (body composition assessment, resting metabolism assessment) while others demand physical activity (general fitness assessment, cardiorespiratory evaluation, personalized training program). In the case of all assessments, clients are provided with an explanatory report.

If you’re interested in enhancing your health, starting up a regular physical activity, optimizing your training or assessing your progress, we offer you:

• Assessment services (general fitness, cardiorespiratory capacity, body composition, resting metabolism, etc.)

• A follow-up and an individual training program

Therapeutic exercises

One-hour appointment comprising discussion, treatments, postural analysis and exercise demonstrations. If you suffer from chronic pain, posture problems or musculoskeletal disorders, our unique approach will have you play an active role so as to avoid multiple protracted treatments. The approach is a combination of:

• Postural evaluation

• Manual therapy (massage therapy and mobilization)

• Learning specialized exercises


•  The clinic is located at the sports centre on the UdeS main campus. Parking is payable.

•  A second point of service is now opened at the Campus de Longueuil for therapeutic exercices services.

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Clinique universitaire de kinésiologie

Université de Sherbrooke, Campus principal
Centre sportif, local J1-117
2500, boul. de l’Université, Sherbrooke

819-821-8000, ext. 61018

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Terms and conditions
Payments can be made by debit, credit card, cheque or cash. We can issue insurance receipts upon request. Fees may apply if an appointment is cancelled within less than 24 hours. NB Our clinic offers no nutrition, physiotherapy, occupational therapy or chiropractic services.