Interested in knowing your rights and obligations?

Law students at Université de Sherbrooke can provide you with free relevant legal information that can help you understand your rights, obligations and recourses in a dispute.

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Legal information service provided on a volunteer basis by students enrolled in the bachelor of laws at UdeS


Services in French and in English


Variable depending on the semester. Please contact us for information. Clinic closed during the holiday season.




Legal information in several fields:

• Family law

• Consumer law

• Labour law

• Housing law

The response time is approximately one week.


The clinic is located at the faculty of law on the UdeS main campus (Pavillon A7, local 267).

At your service!

La Clé de vos droits

Université de Sherbrooke
Faculté de droit

Local A7-267, Faculté de droit
819-821-8000, ext. 65221

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Terms and conditions
We offer no legal advice or opinions and cannot write or interpret the legal scope of documents. We provide legal information only. We are unable to answer any on-the-spot or urgent questions. Students must have their legal information validated by supervisors. We do not take on cases relating to criminal or immigration law. The legal information is provided by phone, or in person (by appointment). Although students are not bound by an obligation to protect professional secrecy, they will not provide the information collected to anyone (except supervisors and other colleagues at the clinic), unless they are required to do so by law.