Looking to resolve a conflict through mediation?

If you are experiencing a conflict with a colleague, neighbour, loved one or partner, mediation can be a great way to avoid going to court. The UdeS faculty of law offers you a free team of mediators who can help you find solutions.

Targeted users

Individuals, public and private organizations


Legal information service provided on a volunteer basis by students enrolled in the bachelor of laws at UdeS


Services in French. Services may be offered in English, if a bilingual mediator is available.


We generally contact you within 48 hours of your request. The clinic is closed during the holiday season and has a modified schedule during the summer.




The aim of mediation is to help the parties find their own solutions. It is a collaborative, confidential, flexible and impartial process. Mediation can allow you to preserve your relationship with the other party and avoid going to court, even if this result is not guaranteed.

Services are offered in person at the UdeS Longueuil campus, but videoconferencing is also a possibility.


The clinic is located on the UdeS Longueuil campus (150, Place Charles-Le Moyne, Longueuil).

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Mediation Clinic

Université de Sherbrooke, Campus de Longueuil
Faculté de droit

150, place Charles-Le Moyne

450-463-1835, ext. 65515


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Terms and conditions
We do not offer divorce or child custody mediation. The mediators provide no legal information or legal services. Nor do they judge which participant is right.