Is your child or adolescent experiencing psychological difficulties?

Our outreach clinic in Longueuil offers assessment and psychotherapy services for children, adolescents and their families, at low cost.

Targeted users

Children, adolescents, families


Doctoral students in psychology, supervised by experienced psychologists belonging to the Ordre des psychologues du Québec.  


Services in French (services in English or in Spanish may be a possibility, subject to the availability of trainees fluent in these languages)


The university clinic welcomes patients from September to April. To request a service for your child, you must leave a message with the university clinic voicemail between mid-August and early September, at 450-463-1835, ext. 61612. Users registered during this period will receive a call from an intern during September to assess whether the clinic can respond to the request.


File opening: $10

Psychological assessment sessions

$30 per appointment (maximum of $300 including the evaluation report)

Psychotherapy sessions

$20 (income under $30,000)
$30 (income above $30,000)

The fees may be adjusted according to financial means following file examination. Receipts are provided. A number of insurance companies are able to cover part of the costs.


All successful consultation requests begin with an evaluation process. The conclusions of this evaluation help provide services tailored to the needs of your child or adolescent (individual therapy, parent-child therapy, family therapy or support group), or refer them to the appropriate resources.

• Adjustment difficulties in childcare or school settings
• Relationship difficulties
• Difficulties adapting to changes in family life (parent separation, family blending, arrival of a new child, illness of a family member)
• Behavioural problems (opposition, crises, aggressiveness)
• Academic difficulties (attention problems, hyperactivity, impulsivity)
• Difficulties adapting to a loss (romantic break-up, death of a loved one)
• Disturbances in mood, appetite or sleep
• Signs of anxiety (fears, anxiety attacks, phobias, trauma)


The university clinic is located on the 10th floor of the UdeS Longueuil campus. The building has underground parking. Discount parking rates are available to patients.

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Clinique d'évaluation et d'intervention en enfance et adolescence à Longueuil

Université de Sherbrooke, Campus de Longueuil

450-463-1835, ext. 61612

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Terms and conditions
The university clinic does not offer neuropsychological or diagnostic assessments for autism spectrum disorders. Nor does it offer emergency consultations.