Overcome your obstacles! We offer accessible support for primary, secondary and even adult learners.

Targeted users

• Primary and secondary students
• Adult learners


University students in school and social adaptation, under the supervision of educators from the Département d’études sur l’adaptation scolaire et sociale at Université de Sherbrooke


Services in French


You must register on a waiting list for these services. You will receive confirmation of your access in the weeks before the outreach sessions begin. You will then have access to 13 sessions, which will be held from mid-September to the end of January.


$10 per weekly session (13 compulsory sessions for a total of $130)


The Clinique Pierre-H.-Ruel is located at 2702, rue Galt Ouest, Sherbrooke.


The Clinique Pierre-H.-Ruel features a warm, welcoming environment and a special educational setting that helps connect theory and practice in the course of assessment/intervention activities designed for learners with learning difficulties.

The services are aimed at developing the full potential of students considered to be struggling in school:

• Remedial assistance

• Personalized support for learners

At your service!

Clinique Pierre-H. Ruel

Université de Sherbrooke
Département d'études en adaptation scolaire et sociale - Faculté d'éducation

Coordinator: Caroline Turcotte

819-821-8000, ext. 63439

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Terms and conditions
Student must have attended at least one year of school and scored grades below 70% in French or in mathematics. The assistance covers schooling from the first year of primary to the first cycle of secondary school. Students must agree to participate in all the sessions scheduled on the calendar. Students’ files are treated in accordance with the confidentiality standards in force at the UdeS faculty of education. The clinic does not offer diagnostic assessments, homework help or psychological services.