Police Technology program

Community involvement

In the course of their studies at Cégep de Sherbrooke, future police officers must complete at least 20 hours of volunteer work for a community organization.

If your community organization works with a local clientele and you’re looking for a volunteer for about 20 hours, contact us!

The volunteering benefits both the students and your organization. You can count on motivated young people who are dedicated to making a positive contribution for your clientele!

Targeted users

Community organizations in Sherbrooke and neighbouring municipalities that work with vulnerable populations


The volunteering is aimed at familiarizing future police officers with the services offered by community organizations and to put them in contact with different types of people that they will be called on to serve and help in their careers (people with mental health problems or intellectual disabilities, immigrants, seniors, crime victims, etc.).

The objective is to introduce them to existing community resources so they will be able to refer people to organizations providing specialized services for vulnerable populations.  


The services are provided in French. However, organizations requiring an English-speaking or bilingual volunteer may make a request to this effect.


All volunteer hours (20 hours per student) must be completed between January 20 and May 22 (the winter semester).


The work done by the students is entirely on a volunteer basis.


The students are not yet police officers and will not perform policing tasks in the context of their volunteering. Given that each environment is different, there is some latitude as to the tasks that the students can/must perform. In some situations, they may shadow a professional (observation), whereas in others, they may perform tasks independently. The only condition is that students must be in contact with a specific population group (mental health, intellectual disability, senior, youth, immigrant, crime victim, etc.).

The students must follow the code of ethics applying to students in the Police Technology program. The code requires them to abide by the organization’s rules, among other things regarding confidentiality.


The volunteering usually takes place in Sherbrooke. Other cities may also be served (Magog, Bromont, Granby, Drummondville, Lac Mégantic, etc.) depending on the students’ place of residence.

At your service!

Département des techniques policières
Cégep de Sherbrooke

Organizations interested in welcoming one or more volunteers must provide us with certain information, verbally or in writing: desired number of volunteers, anticipated tasks, volunteer schedule, special requirements (e.g., need for a car or criminal background check), etc.

Coordinator: Émilie Audet, teacher
819-564-6350, ext. 4608

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Terms and conditions
At the end of the volunteer program, you must complete an evaluation for each volunteer. This simply requires circling the student’s degree of achievement in relation to certain expected behaviours and attitudes. A few personalized comments are also highly appreciated, as they help make students aware of their strengths and points for improvement, and assist the pedagogical advisor in assigning a fair mark.